Why to opt for a serviced office?

The impact of having substance on tax planning nowadays is crucial. The stronger substance you have the more secure and sound your tax structure will be.

A strong insight on our clients' interests and concerns has helped us to ensure that substance is included in all packages of services that WORKING SPACE offers. Through our prominently located, modern and well equipped in terms of software and technology offices we are able to provide you with genuine substance in Cyprus, through the lease of real serviced or virtual office, whether you decide to be physically present in Cyprus or not.

Our highly professional, experienced and multilingual corporate personnel will ensure that all your corporate needs are handled sharply, timely and efficiently at all times.

Immediate set-up, flexibility (you can adjust your working space according to your changing needs), absence of upfront cost in order to acquire, set up and maintain expensive technical equipment and/or hire personnel can be highly beneficial to your business – time and money wise.

In addition to the above services, we are able to quickly set up an office at the location of your choice, thus freeing you from time-consuming scurry related to internet and telephony connections, registration with various authorities, hiring personnel, purchasing and establishing necessary corporate software and other countless administrative matters which need to be resolved before your office opens its doors.

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